learn German vocabulary

learn German vocabulary

Learn German Vocabulary, A free application for Android phones that contains more than 3500 words of the most famous words in the German language. What makes this application stand out is that it helps many people learn the German language and memorize a large number of the most important words. The application also has many sections that will help improve the level of students such as: B. Sections from the jungle and puzzles. You can choose the student's current level, beginner or advanced, and learn the key words that will help in speaking. This application is characterized by numerous continuous updates, such as: For example, adding words and pictures, and adding games to help children memorize most of the lessons.

Learn German vocabulary This application has four main sections where students can learn and memorize the most important words in the German language. Where the application is characterized by the presence of the department of games and the department of revision and learning section and questions section. The games section contains many puzzles that will help you memorize most German words and use them correctly. The review section is also a reminder of the previous lessons and rules introduced in the application. The learning section contains important lessons and rules in German, and there is a section with questions and exercises. with the help of which the level of the students can be determined and the weaknesses and most difficult lessons can be identified.

Learn German-speaking words by heart German is one of the most difficult languages to learn and pronunciation of words is difficult and takes a long time to learn. The German language is also difficult to read and it can take a long time for students to learn the German language properly. This free application that can be downloaded on Android phones can save many important German words in no time and in the right way. This application depends on 100,000+ users, with the application helping a large number of students. to memorize the most important words in the German language and to use them correctly. This application is also characterized by ease and the presence of many sections, which increases the speed of learning.

Application features ⦁ The application is free and supports playback on all Android phones. ⦁ More than 3500 words of the most important words in the German language. ⦁ Thanks to constant updates, you can continuously add words in each period in the app. ⦁ The presence of more than one learning level (beginner - intermediate - advanced) and each level contains a large number of lessons and words and helps to memorize them correctly. ⦁ Continuous updating of the application with many important pictures and words in German.

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