Camel German application

Camel German application

Camel German application

Are you trying to learn the German language and have some difficulties in knowing the important rules or memorizing words, or know the correct pronunciation of sentences.
Well this free application helps a lot of Arab users in learning German in a quick time and the right way.
The application is characterized by the presence of many sections such as the rules and lessons of the German language.
and a special section of words and helps the application in the knowledge of important verbs. It also contains a section of the most wonderful stories translated.

Camel German application

There are many levels within the app that the user can choose from, where you can choose between the beginner, intermediate or advanced level and start watching many important lessons and rules in the German language.
The application also contains a section of translated stories, which has been added recently and helps a large number of people in the speed of learning, and is learning the correct pronunciation of words that are listening to them in the story.
These stories help children speed learning the pronunciation of words. The application is characterized by the presence of a large number of lessons through which can improve the level of German language for users.
Each lesson also contains a number of tests and questions that are answered by determining the current level of students.
The application is characterized that it does not need to connect to the Internet to watch lessons or translated stories and listen to the pronunciation of words and sentences.

Download the application of learning German language

If you are looking for an application that helps you in learning the German language in a fast, correct and fun time.
This free app will help a large number of users who have downloaded it on their Android phones.
Camel German Application
Where the application is distinct from other programs to learn the German language the possibility of running without the need to connect to the Internet.
It also contains a large number of important lessons and rules that are used in everyday life in Germany.

Features of Camel German application

⦁ The application is completely free and small space can be downloaded on Android phones.
⦁ Supports playback without the need for an Internet connection.
⦁ Many sections such as translated stories, grammar and the most important words and their meanings.
⦁ Three levels to choose from (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced) After the completion of each section several tests are presented to students to see how they understand the lessons.
⦁ The app is continuously adding updates, as new dictionary and lessons will be added in the coming days.

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