Speak German application

Speak German application

Speak German Application, Free Program is more than wonderful and can be downloaded on Android phones. What makes this application stand out is that it has many sections that will help many people, especially children, learn the German language quickly and correctly. There are more than 3000 sentences that can be translated correctly. The application also includes a dictionary and a translator of words for free. There are many games and puzzles in the application that allow the user to learn German by entertaining, solving puzzles and sharing games.

If you want to help your children learn the German language the right way and in the fastest time.
This free application will help you learn many important words in the German language through which words can be used in public life.
At the beginning, the level of students (beginner, intermediate, advanced) is determined and many questions and information are displayed at each level to improve the pronunciation of words.
and German words can be heard correctly. There are many exercises that help improve students.

Download the German language application for Android This application is completely free and contains many important rules in German. There are also many sections in the application, e.g. B. recognizing the most important words used and hearing the correct pronunciation of German words. There are also many tests available to help students improve their proficiency level. This application also helps many children to learn German faster. as there are many games that help to remember the German words and there is chat between users in the application and this feature helps to significantly improve the level of German language for students.

Learn German grammar One of the most important features in this application, and the presence of many learning sections that help many users to memorize the most important words and grammar in the German language. The German Grammar Department learns and stores the most important lessons that help students improve. There are also game sections where children can learn German faster. You can also choose the level of students at the beginning and start learning the lessons within the application. This application has helped many people to know the most important words, phrases and grammar in the German language and improve their level in a short time.

Application features ⦁ The application is completely free and supports playback on Android phones. ⦁ More than 3000 sentences of the most important sentences of the German language. ⦁ Many games that help improve the level of children in learning German. ⦁ A large list of important lessons in German, each level has specific exams and lessons (beginner - intermediate - advanced). ⦁ The ability to chat with other friends who have an account in the application.

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