Deutsch sprechen application

Deutsch sprechen application

Deutsch sprechen application

A free program that can be downloaded on smartphones from the Android system.
This free application is characterized by helping a lot of Arab users to learn German easily through the many puzzles, games and different lessons found within the application.
This wonderful application is easy education where many lessons are offered to different levels of students.
For example, you can choose the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. We will find a wide range of questions and tests to improve the level.
The application contains a large number of questions that can help users in improving their level and learn new lessons.

This application is suitable for young and old as it is characterized by the presence of many sections that can benefit from the lessons in it.


Deutsch sprechen application

Learning German is difficult for many people, especially Arabic speakers, but with this free application can learn a lot of the rules and the way to pronounce German words correctly.
The user starts using this application by selecting the current level, whether beginner or advanced.
The application in the presentation of the most important lessons to improve the level significantly.
The application is also characterized by the presence of many easy games, which help in improving the level of children and teach them the grammar of the German language properly.
The application contains a large number of the most important words of the German language, which is used on a daily basis within Germany.

German language learning application for Arabs

If you are a user looking for a free application that can be downloaded on the phone and helps in learning the German grammar and know the correct pronunciation of the most important words. This app will greatly help you improve your German language correctly and quickly.
Where the application is characterized by the presence of more than 3000 important sentence in the German language and the possibility of listening to the pronunciation of the correct way.
as there are many other sections within the application, which can benefit from learning the German language.

Download the application of learning the German language

This app helps many users to learn how to pronounce the words in the German language correctly.
The application is also characterized by the presence of many lessons that can be learned and heard and that help in the speed of learning.
You can download the application for Android phones from this link.
Deutsch Sprechen Application
The application is characterized by a special section to teach children easy and basic rules in the German language.
There are also many easy and fun games that can be used to help children learn German quickly.
There are six levels of learning in the application from learning the alphabet to grammar and scientific educational lessons.

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