the best language app

the best language app

Translate multilateral conversations and the use of the most important phrases and sentences and terminology
• common Phrase interpreting for daily used phrases and for saved translations and pronunciation guides to help you learn important phrases and listen to translated phrases aloud to learn how to pronounce the correct addition to the feature Test your level for all levels
And memorize the most frequently used sentences in the street language
The application helps you easily communicate with foreigners by repeating everyday sentences
It also helps you to travel and tourism.
same of application features
Free chat for all users and you can create your profile and publish your name in the educational group and also special groups study and Ospildong for sale and purchase and work opportunities —— etc.
Game of language ‘s word (Test your level – Test your intelligence – the game of
language’s verb – word order game – Solve the problem of Der Die Das – the game of language’s adjectives – Game of relative pronounce – Choose the correct sentence – the game of nationality examination – Unscramble – Crosswords) each level contain 10 questions and each stage has an advantage (seek a friend – delete two answers – the audience’s help and use one time at each stage)
Speak language easily by choosing your level
Review the learned words

  • Automatic pronunciation
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    With a language chat application, you can now easily learn and explore your level and ability to skip over and answer more than 3000 questions for all levels with the correct pronunciation and enjoy pure fun! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, this app will help you learn language in a fast, easy and fun way.
     Lessons for all levels A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 (Include lessons for each level and include many important rules and phrases used daily and words and terms)
    For beginners with images
    Numbers; time. Animals; plant. the food . relations
     free Translate words, phrases and texts with correct pronunciation
      German Library (Words – Sentences – Explanations of Osbildung – terms – Problem Solving Der Die Das – Topics – Conversations —– etc)
  • What’s new later
    Other languages will be added
    Italian . Albanian, German, Amharic, English, Indonesian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Irish, Italian, Igbo, Basque, Greek Pashto, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Punjabi, Macedonian. Bengali, Burmese, Bosnian, Polish, Syrian. Belarusian, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Czech, Japanese. Korean. Georgian, Khuwasa, Khmer, Danish, Russian, Swedish. Turkish. Portuguese. French. Polish. Slovak, Slovenian, Sindhi, Sinhalese, Swahili, Swedish, Cybian, Kisot, Shona, Serbian, Somali, Chinese, Russian. Bosnian. Chinese (Simplified), Tajik, Hebrew, Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, Filipino, Finnish,
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