The most important 5000 phrases in deutsch

The most important 5000 phrases in deutsch

This application allows you to learn the German language easily, with 5000 unique phrases that help you speak fluently
With more than 60 languages, the app is free.
What distinguishes this application from other applications is that all sentences and words in it are accompanied by pronunciation as if the German speaks with you
The application is also like a game that is practiced daily by a clear curriculum that allows you to learn by listening, writing and speaking.
It works without the Internet where you can play where you want and when you want (without connection).
The application includes four levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert. It includes 20 topics, including 145 sub-topics, where they can teach you how to say the right sentence in the appropriate topic.
German spoke fluently in real conversations
With the German learning app, you can now explore over 5000 German phrases for short conversations while enjoying pure fun! Whether you are a vacationer in a German-speaking country or someone who only wants to speak a foreign language, this app will help you learn German phrases in a quick, easy and fun way.
German conversation topics: greetings, conversations with friends, basic sentences, travel, transportation, hotel, restaurant, food, shopping, business, etc.
Take advantage of the advantages of developing your words in German by
Tagging sentences that are added to the common phrasebook
The application will play in stages. When you pass each level you will earn points with this earn point you can open other stages for free
The application allows you to randomly play According to random categories by sub-themes within the main theme
The application is included in 60 languages so you can save and speak every word easily regardless of your country.
As for FunEasyLearn many applications help people around the world learn foreign languages for free. FunEasyLearn apps improve your German skills: speaking, listening, and rules. The Apps Dictionary has a human voice spoken for each common phrase to improve your skills in speaking a foreign language.
Speak German easily and fluently for travel, business or pleasure!

If You Need To Download The App From Here

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