Learn German Vocabulary

Learn German Vocabulary

Learn German Vocabulary, One of the wonderful and free applications that help a lot of people to learn the German language easily and in the fastest time properly.
Where this application has several wonderful features make it one of the best programs that help in learning the German language.
Where this application depends on the provision of German words correctly and without a connection to the Internet.
In this article we will show you everything related to this program and view all its characteristics and you can download the application through the link located below the topic.

Learn German Vocabulary

This app helps a lot of people learn the German language properly. Where a large number of users rely on this application in learning the German language and the way to pronounce words correctly.

 The application displays many of the most important words used in the German language. 

It contains a huge number of German words (more than 10,000 words). Translation can be used in this application without the need for an Internet connection. 

There are also many sections to choose the right words for different places and situations.


Best application to learn German words

Learn German Vocabulary, This application is one of the best programs that help a lot of people in learning German easily and quickly.
The program contains a large number of words used in the German language. The application also has the possibility of use without the need to connect to the Internet.
You can identify the words used in many everyday situations such as dating and dating words and inquire about addresses and streets.

Download Learn German Vocabulary application

Many people rely on this program to help learn German words correctly. The program contains a huge library of important words in the German language.
Continuous updates are also made for this app to add many new words. The number of users of this application on the Google Play Store only more than a million users around the world.

Program features

  • The application is completely free and does not need to create an account or pay an additional fee.
  • Supports offline playback.
  • Contains more than 10,000 words in the German language.
  • Supports all Android phones.
  • There are sections to choose the right words for all situations in everyday life such as dating and asking for titles and others.

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