Speak German application

Speak German application

Speak German application to learn the German language

Speak German application, The application is suitable for children and students, as this program helps a lot of people to learn the German language correctly and in the fastest way.
The application is characterized by the presence of several different levels to start learning the German language.
There are first level for beginners, second level for intermediate, third level for applicants, and fourth level for professionals.
All levels have specific words and sentences that help you learn as many words as possible. This app can be used to help kids learn German.

Speak German application

This application can be used in many everyday situations. It contains more than 5000 words in the German language.
The application is continuously updated which helps to improve the level of service provided to users.
This program can be downloaded on all Android phones. And if you want to help your children greatly in learning German quickly.
This application contains a large number of games that help children in memorizing the most important words in the German language.
German language learning is offered for different levels. The application does not need to connect to the Internet.

Learn German for kids

If you want to help your children learn German correctly and in a fun way. The Speak German application helps you in a wonderful and entertaining way.
Where the application contains a large number of different games for children, through which the German words are saved through some puzzles and fun games.
This method helps integrate learning with toys, helping children memorize as many words as possible faster.

Translate over 60 languages

Through this application you can use the translation feature of many other international languages such as English, French, Italian and Russian.
The translation service is not provided through this app for German only. The application also contains a large number of the most important sentences used in German society.
Where words can be used for different situations such as dating or travel and inquire about certain titles.

This app can help many people learn German quickly. It can be used to teach children simple words.
Or move to advanced levels and learn the most difficult words that a person needs when dealing in German society.

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